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Ginger Friction

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Ron/Hermione Community for Slight Sophisticates
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If you’re like us, you’ve seen almost every Ron/Hermione community out there. As much as we join these communities and interact with others, there was a slight problem. The page would usually be filled with useless spam from time to time, off topic posts and random links to else where. I was getting tired of this myself. We watched my favorite Ron/Hermione community go down to the dogs. So we decided to do something about it.

Thus, Ginger Friction was created. This is the place for the shippers who are tired of viewing through nonsense and want to see actual content for once. We aren’t elite or superior but opt for reading things we like from other people who may share the same ideas. This is a place where we can explore and ponder about two of J.K. Rowling’s characters who go by Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

There are a few things we ask you all to follow and please read each guideline carefully:
[1.] Please keep all posts about Ron and/or Hermione. I know that you may be itching to share some recent Harry Potter news you’ve just learned, but there are other places like for such a thing. But if it concerns the actor’s or author’s beliefs on the Good Ship, by all means, share. Just make sure that it isn’t old news.
[2.] Please respect all users. This is a common rule, so please refrain from trolling, throwing insults and acting rude towards another user just because you disagree with them. If you feel you are being harassed, please contact the mod before sinking into deeper trouble.
[3.] Please try to use proper spelling, grammar, reasonable text size and html. I’m not as anal as an English teacher but typing like a 12 year old AOL user gets annoying. Try to refrain from abusing net speak as much as you can.
[4.] If you need to correct a post or add to it, please edit your entries instead of making a new one. Countless of times have I seen the same user fill a community just because they made a mistake or have something new to share. It floods the friend’s page of other users and can get down right irritating.
[5.] Also, please consult the info page if you have any questions concerning terms. See the FAQ below.

Content welcomed in Ginger Friction:
[1.] Please, please, please! If you are to introduce yourself, please have some sort of content instead of the usual facts. This can be a favorite R/Hr link, quote or a story that explains how you first decided to support this ship. A brief explanation of why you decided to join Ginger Friction is always flattering, too.
[2.] Original work such as decent fan art, fan fiction and theories. This can be anywhere from rated G to NC-17. However, I do ask that these be contained in an LJ-Cut and put a warning if needed. Once again, it messes up the over all look of the page and also the friend’s entry list.
[3.] Recommended links. However, please explain why you want to share this with us. Give a small review of a fan fiction you absolutely love, why you adore the artist’s style in a particular art piece or why you agree on a theory. If it happens to be a site, share why you visit it quite often. Please give proper credit of the creator's screen/user/real name if possible instead of adding 'I didn't draw/write this' to your post.

Things not acceptable:
[1.] LIVEJOURNAL USER ICONS. I know how much you all love to make these and share them but I’ve seen countless communities flooded by them. It’s also tiring to see and half the time they aren’t too good looking. There are other places to share. Icons will only be accepted on certain occasions such as holidays and contests on which the moderators will allow. Otherwise, please do not share a link to another journal where the icons are contained or directly post them within an entry. I get extremely anal about this, so please, save yourself before I bite off your head.
[2.] Manipulations are not fan art. They are more like fan pictures. Adding text or blending two pictures into one isn’t exactly a masterpiece.
[3.] Song lyrics that remind you of the duo. Are they really THAT necesssary? There are other sites that has a listing out there for you. You can submit your song if you'd like.

[x] Are you an H/Hr shipper trying to find out the how and why about R/Hr? You’ve come to a good place. We will answer any questions regarding our ship only if we can ask of you and that you refrain from flaming and act with respect. Simply introduce yourself and ask the question you have in mind.
[x] Ginger Friction believes in the NO TOLERANCE policy concerning plagiarism. That means if you copied and/or stole someone’s work without delivering proper credit and you claimed that it was yours and we find out, be expected to be warned, complained at and possibly banned. This goes for both art and literature. Think before your act.

[1.] What does OTP mean? OTP means One True Pairing. For example, James/Lily may be your OTP because you pair them the most other than any other ships.
[2.] What does ship stand for? Ship is short for Relationship. Self explanatory.
[3.] What does the / stand for between two seperate names? / usually means and or with. For example, to shorten typing Ron and Hermione, one may type Ron/Hermione or R/Hr.
[4.] What does UST mean? UST means Unresolved Sexual Tension. This too, is self explanatory.
[5.] What exactlty is OBHWF? OBHWF stands for One Big Happy Weasley Family and is the idea that some of the main and supporting characters will part of the Weasley tree.
[6.] What is the Good Ship? Good Ship refers to Ron/Hermione. Likewise, Pumpkin Pie refers to Harry/Hermione. Funny because they don’t serve Pumpkin Pie in Britain, either…
[7.] Where’d you get the title for Ginger Friction? Ginger is pretty much red, the color of the Ron’s hair and Friction refers to Hermione’s bushy brown mane as well as the sparks that fly when these two interact.

With help from all of you, I’m sure we can create a slightly sophisticated R/Hr community. Thank you in advance!

Ginger Friction is moderated by sirose with cutekeeper, roargh and retardedcandy.
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